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Suicide Squad 2- An Exciting and Fun Movie Worth Watching

Suicide Squad 2

Suicide Squad 2

If you are a fan of DC then you must definitely be excited about the sassiest, deadliest movie all set to release in 2021. It is a sequel of the film Suicide Squad released in 2016. Despite well received review the film received mixed reviews. Thanks to its messed narration. Despite this the film did pretty well at the box office and insured a sequel would eventually be made which is all set to release in 2021.

Suicide Squad 2 The first suicide squad functioned as the classic team movie with characters like Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot came together to form a misfit group of high profile criminals popularly known as Task Force X. They are to take up on dangerous mission for the US government. Although there is not much information about the Suicide Squad 2 it is expected that the movie will definitely be better than the last one.

The Suicide Squad 2 Review

Suicide Squad 2 In the upcoming movie The Suicide Squad 2 Task Force X has returned and is ready to risk their lives to repay the debt to the society. The prisioned villains are set on a mission by A.R.G.U.S. the director Amanda Wall is expected to make a return to the Squad. After the trip to a Nazi era prison the group face head to head battle with Starro, the massive sciatic starfish. Remember Gunn has already warned the fans to avoid getting too attached to the members of the new squad as many will be killed off in the movie.

The hopes from the movie is high. Besides the trailer has managed to impress the audience pretty well. With all the big name actors and promising R rated action it seems like The Suicide Squad will definitely live up to the hype.

Suicide Squad The trailer has all the elements which will guarantee a massive box office collection. With all the promising performance by the actors, trading drama dialogues and perfect amount of action all the DC fans must stay excited for the release. The suicide squad 2 cast includes Saturday night live Star Pete Davidson as a new member. Besides John Cena and Idris Elba has also joined the team. Margot Robbie is back and all character of Harley Quinn have a way with her new red and black leather look which goes well with the iconic t-shirt and shorts she spotted in the original film.

The trailer of Suicide Squad 2 has a powerful glance of the actors along with a hint of the story line. Although the story is still unclear the trailer opens with the mission of rescuing Robbie’s  Harley Quinn which seemed unnecessary, as Harley has already got herself out of the scrape she has got herself into.

The biggest revelation that the trailer has made is that Sylvester Stallone is giving the voice for king shark. Besides there is also a colourful giant starfish Kaiju who goes on the rampage at the end of the trailer.

Suicide Squad 2 About three minutes long super squad 2 trailer shows is a super fun take on the titular villain turned heroes team. Besides there are numerous coronavirus pandemic references, exciting new additions and multiple punchlines which makes the suicide squad trailer absolutely amazing. It clearly shows the audience can expect a lot from the movie.

From powerful background music to the pace of the trailer and intense performance everything is a presented well. It will be safe to see that the fans will have a visual treat with this movie. A playfulness, colourful tone and crazy but interesting characters have all been ripped from the comic book panels.

The suicide squad 2 promises to be icky, fun and very chaotic good time the film. It is all set to release on August 6, 2021 in the theatres and on the OTT platforms.

Suicide Squad 2 Cast

Suicide Squad 2 CastJoel Kinnaman
Viola Davis
Margot Robbie
Jai Courtney
John Cena
Idris Elba
Peter Capaldi
Daniela Melchior
Flula Borg
Michael Rooker
Mayling Ng
David Dastmalchian
Nathan Fillion
Alica Braga
Joaquín Cosío
Pete Davidson
Sean Gunn
Juan Diego Botto
Steve Agee
Storm Reid
Jennifer Holland
Tinashe Kajese
DirectorJames Gunn
ProductionDC Comics
DC Films
Atlas Entertainment
The Safran Company
DC Entertainment Inc
Warner Bros
Suicide Squad 2 Release DateAugust 6, 2021
Should We WatchYes

Key Takeaways

Suicide Squad Watching The suicide squad 2 trailer it is clear there are going to be some exciting twists in the movie. The trailer features the unruly band of DC anti heroes and bad guys who have actually turned to heroes. It shows the images of the suicide squad members including everyone’s favourite king shark. Besides it is clear from the trailer that there will be 2 separate squads and Hardin will be the part of the first that get themselves on a sticky situation in the latest mission and have to be bailed out with the help of the new team. The movie is considered to be a all in one package of action and drama which will be worth watching.

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