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The Flight Movie 2021 : Cast, Story & Trailer Reviews

Flight Movie 2021

The Flight Movie 2021

Under the banner of A Crazy Boyz Entertainment Production, Suraj Joshi stars a new comer Mohit Chadda in his upcoming Bolloywood Action thriller movie The Flight Movie 2021. It was earlier decided that the film will be released on 27th March, 2021 however the filmmakers incorporated some changes and announced the new release date that is on 2nd April 2021(Friday). The Flight Movie 2021 has Mohit Chadda, Suraj Joshi and Babita Ashwal are the producers for this project.

Just after the release of the trailer of the Flight movie 2021 on social media platforms it became so popular among the audience thus it streamed as one of the top trending videos on YouTube platform for days.

The Flight Movie 2021 Cast & Crew

CastMohit Chadda Pawan Malhotra Zakir Hussain Viveck Vaswani Pritam Singh Shibani Bedi
GenreAction Thriller
DirectorSuraj Joshi
ProducersMohit Chadda Suraj Joshi Babita Ashwal
ProductionA CrazyBoyz Entertainment Production
Release Date2nd April 2021
Available onTheatres

Reviews on the trailer of the “Flight” movie 2021

Flight Movie 2021What can be more interesting than seeing a new face on Bollywood right ? so the makers launches Mohit Chadda who is playing the lead role in this Action-thriller movie; The Flight Movie 2021. The screenplay of the movie has been exceptionally done by Suraj Joshi which has turned out to be spectacular.

As the storyline of the movie deals entirely with and inside a “flight” which was to be travelling from Mumbai to Dubai. Therefore the happenings occurring inside the flight is the main concept of the movie like for examples the tragic incidents happening inside the flight as per shown in the trailer has already tempted the audience to book a prior show ticket for theaters and they seem to be very excited for this upcoming movie.

The trailer has seeded the excitement in the minds of the audience as it can be seen from the social media analytics; which is why making there remains a lot of questions striking the consciousness of them like how the plane hot hijacked? How the pilots and rest of the attendants got disappeared from the flight? Will the person in the flight die? Who has the brain behind this occasion? What happens next is the ultimate suspense breaking part of the story.

The writers have done their part sincerely and hope this film is going to break the stereotypical thought of showing same concept in Bollywood films.

The Flight Movie (2021)Talking about the cinematography of the Flight movie 2021, it is an attention seeking movie. It has all the typical called “masala” in it which will be effective enough to engage the mindset of the audience throughout its run time. The engaging factor is also supported by the alluring thrills like the twists and turns in the movie, and special thanks to Mohit Chadda for alarming the viewers with his extra ordinary expressions and actions.

Hence it can be easily understood that the film is going to be a great landmark in the Bollywood industry firstly for its exceptional plot and the way it is being crafted and represented to the hands of the audiences.

You should watch it or Not ?

After watching the trailer it is expected that people are eagerly waiting for an uncommon story like the “Flight” 2021 as the social networking platforms along with YouTube trending graph concludes so. However the story is somewhat not predictable from the trailer released still the unique theme behind the plot is admirable.

Considering the efforts lay down by the makers especially by the director Suraj Joshi is absolutely marvelous. Even the selection of the casting crew has also been done magnificently and strategically. The lead role played by the new comer “Mohit Chadda” is also worth commending. He has beautifully executed his performance, actions and dialogue deliveries with much confidence which is why the audience is more excited to watch this film as soon as it releases probably on 2nd April, 2021.

Therefore people willing to watch something exceptional concept out of the comfort zone of typically Bollywood movies then guys pull up your socks and grab the ticket to watch it on the first day of its release which is to be published on 2nd April 2020 at your nearest theaters. Hurry Up and don’t miss it at any cost.

Written by Faizan

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