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The Wife 2021 (ZEE 5)| Cast, Story & Review

the wife 2021

The Wife 2021 (ZEE 5): Cast, Story & Review

The Wife 2021 is going to be released on 19th March 2021. The movie is going to entertain the audience and possess the Horror genre.  It has a movie format on the OTT platform of ZEE 5 is an exhilarating horror drama written and directed by Sarmad Khan.

Talking about the show, it basically narrates the story of a young married couple Varun and Arya who migrates to an urban city due to the need of their professional requirements. They seem to be happy and share a romantic life. With time and as the show goes on their jovial life gets in major turbulence from the flat they start to reside with some fearful ghostly interventions.  

THE WIFE 2020The show stars Gurmeet Choudhury as and named Varun in the lead role keeping Sayani Dutta as and named Arya opposite to him. The writer has tried to bring as many shades in Varun’s character possible. Where he represents a character with headstrong personality and doesn’t believe in the paranormal activities.

He seems to be rigid at his decisions and dominating in his conjugal life. Whereas on the other hand his wife- Arya who inclines towards a firm believer of paranormal activities. She has a tendency to believe in all superstitious beliefs and tries to exceptionally portray her skills by convincing Varun about the spooky happenings in the house.

The climax at the end is although a predictable turn and is not exceptional to other horror bollywood movies.

It is a mandatory to say that Sarmad Khan’s screenplay has shaped the movie in quite decent a way thus the ordinary plot got hidden successfully.

Cast & Crew

TitleThe Wife
CastGurmeet Choudhary Sayani Dutta
GenreHorror Suspense Drama
Story & ScreenplaySarmad Khan
ProducerAjay Yadav  (Executive producer)   Monjoy Joy Mukherji  (Co-Producer)
ProductionZee Studios
Released on19th March, 2021
Available onZEE 5


THE WIFE 2020One of the successful item behind making the movie “The Wife” is it breaks the stereotypical mindset of “haveli” based horror plot where the filmmakers used to give more emphasis with stories related to typical attics, basements, store rooms, wardrobes and staircases. Filming it inside an urban city’s flat wins the grasp of the audiences.

The overall presentation and the characterization of the show can make the audiences imagine themselves in the character’s shoe.

Gurmeet Choudhary the phenomenal actor has done an extraordinary job at portraying his different shades character in the movie with her mind blowing expressions and gestures. Hence casting him in the lead role was one of the best decisions of the filmmaker of “The Wife”. In comparison with him the role played by Sayani Dutta became pale and unconvincing. Her acting skill failed to make the audience feel the magic in engaging them throughout the screen time. The assessment concludes that she have to work very hard in her future projects to grab the attention of the viewers.

THE WIFE 2020To consider the plot of the movie, it is usual and not a thrilling drama. The paranormal activities shown in the movie can be pre-determined by the viewers because of the ordinary storyline. There is minimal kiss and adultery scene involvement in the plot making it more focused on the actual horror plot and not making it a “HorEx movie”.

The most repulsive content in the show was the unnecessary extension of the running time. Which can make the viewers feel exhausted and hence they can opt for the fast and forward option.

Talking about the cinematography and editing by Manish More was a disaster. The essence of fear and the trilling excitement can’t be felt because of his poor execution. The background sounds were louder than it should be, like for example the dripping of the water in the basin, the sound of the breeze.

You should watch it or not?

To the fans of Gurmeet Choudhary grab the golden opportunity. The Wife 2021has turned out to be one the best projects for him as his mind blowing performance can blow your mind and make you fall in love with him yet another time after the movie Khamoshiyan released in 2015.

Overall the movie can be a good watch for a weekend night with an average horror sequences and barely few spine-chilling essence of the focused spooky plot.

Thus, people willing to experience a refreshing horror drama thumps up to “The Wife 2021” streaming on ZEE 5 from 19th March 2021.

Written by Faizan

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