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Time To Dance 2021 Movie Review- A story tale based on Dance

Time To Dance

Time To Dance 2021 Movie Review- A story tale based on Dance

“Time to Dance”– the dance drama recently released in cinemas on 12th March, 2021 seemed to be a regular dance based love story averagely written and plotted by Deepak Dwivedi. The flim stars Sooraj Pancholi as Rishabh and Isabelle Kaif as Isha in the lead roles. Isha dreams to win the London’s biggest Ballroom and Latin dance championship with her professional dance partner William (Sammy Jonas Heaney) and accordingly the story is framed to be delivered.

Due to a wrong step Isha falls down leading to a great injury in her leg. Now the story continues with lots of questions shaking the audience with lots of axiety and questions like- can Isha dance again with the injury in her leg? Will she be able to participate in the dance championship?  Will William support her to take part and challenge in the competition?


Time to DanceThis film holds a common old-fashioned story related to a dance competition in London which every dancer dreams of wining. Isha is one of them. The two popular performers William and her professional dance partner Isha are also on the verge of participating in the competition. Unfortunately while dancing Isha takes a wrong step and falls on the ground hurting her leg badly. The fortune does not support her as her dance partner William bids adieu to her and rejects to take part with her in the Royal Championship.

Luckily, the entry of Rishabh comes to the play. He is a part-time street dancer and a waiter in a restaurant by profession. He never fantasizes about his life rather he prefers to be cool and simple for a living.  As soon as he comes to know about the incident happened with Isha, he starts feeling considerate towards her and tries to motivate her to participate in the competition again. This time Rishabh grooms himself and puts all his efforts to establish himself as the best partner for Isha. They both start practicing and gears up for the grand day.

Thus the writer has scripted the love story in such a way that tells a story of a stranger who comes to a life of a girl, tries to save her from all the difficulties and can do anything to win her heart. Hence the role of Rishabh seems to be the savior to Isha’s life.

Time To Dance Cast and Crew


Sooraj Pancholi, Isabelle Kaif & Rajpal Yadav


Dance, Romance, Drama


Deepak Dwivedi


Stanley D’ Costa


Lizelle D’Souza

Production house

T Films UK Limited Production

Released on

12th March, 2021

Available on




You should watch it or not?

Time to DanceAfter watching the super hit dance oriented movies like ABCD, ABCD 2 and Street Dancer, “Time to Dance” is a complete package of disaster. The writer made the worst script for the film which seemed unrealistic and has the indistinguishable theme overall. The debutante of the new comer Isabelle Kaif was an average choice of the Director, as her acting skill remained negative throughout the running time of the movie whereas she could only make the audiences engaged during her dance performances. Her moves on every song were mesmerizing as she was always on beat. Talking about Sooraj Pancholi, he also tried his best to bring out the expressions, narrations decently in the movie. He performed also well.

The chemistry between the two was okay-okay as there was zero presence of something extraordinary to remind their acting after the end of the movie. To mention this film do not have any adult scenes so it can be a family-friendly movie. Not to forget about the final performance in the movie as it was mind-blowing. Although the credit must go to the finest choreographers – Stanley and Remo D’Souza for their incredible efforts to represent such an eye soothing Latin and Ballroom performance.

Last but not the least is about the music. It is quite disappointing to state that not a single song in the movie has touched my heart. All of them gave me a feel of disgust and of very casual hearing. Whereas a movie based on dance should contain a proper blend of exciting music, breathe-taking dance performances and a good love story; which all were missing in this movie. Therefore to conclude, if you are a dance lover and you are inclined towards watching dance oriented movies like ABCD & ABCD2 then it will be an absolute wastage of money if you’re going for Time to Dance”.



Written by Faizan

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