Tommy Lee Nude Selfie Made It Around Instagram Censorship Guidelines On 11th August; Shocking

Tommy Lee Nude Selfie Made It Around Instagram Censorship Guidelines. Tommy Lee calls the post as a work of art. The post first appeared on the Consequence.

Tommy Lee Nude Selfie
Tommy Lee Nude Selfie

Making Headlines, the all new nude picture of Tommy Lee on Insta

Seems like Lee was able to find a way around the guidelines of censorship by Instagram. It was last week when the drummer, Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe, posted his full nude picture and made it to the headlines. He did this on not just Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter. The picture was later removed by Facebook and Instagram. However, it still remains as an uncensored picture on the Twitter.

Lee’s new version of the picture got created by one of the artists named Ziva Barrett. She is the wife of Cannibal Corpse, Rob Barrett, the guitarist. Ziva was able to transform the selfie in a very colourful painting. She wrote on Instagram, “When Tommy Lee ‘hands’ you a dick pic, you don’t ask questions, you grab a (big 😁) canvas instead and get to work.”

Ziva also shared many other posts where she showed the creative process and even announced that she created the black and white version of it. She is also outselling the limited-edition prints of the same on Etsy. She further mentioned that she would be sending one original piece to Lee, and the rest would be sold.

Tommy Lee Nude Selfie Made It Around Instagram Censorship GuidelinesBrittany Furnal comments, “Help”

While Lee shared the painting in full-colour version on Instagram, which still is available on the social media portal, ever after a few days, the image did lead the wife of drummer, Brittany Furlan to share a comment which said, “Help”.

A debate has also been shared by the action of a member of Mötley Crüe and his post regarding the censorship rules of Instagram. The photo shared by Lee remained on Instagram for five hours at least, and the explicit images of his that were shared by one of the women, it got taken down right on time.

To date, Lee has been able to keep the junk in his pants onstage during the all-headlines recent stadium tour he had with Def Leppard. The outing would be run from 9th September in Las Vegas. The tickets of it will be available on Ticketmaster.

In case the Cannibal Corpse is more to the speed, death metal legends would be embarking on the North American tour in November. 

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