Uncharted Movie Storyline, Review And Cast

Uncharted- Journey of incomplete promises leading to Adventure and Gold

Superheroes, this is what we look forward to when talking about Tom Holland. Isn’t it? And to see Spiderman moving out of his usual job to find the treasure, it isn’t something one might expect, but here we are, in the world of the Uncharted movie storyline, where one gets to see the unexpected.

Uncharted Movie Storyline
Uncharted Movie Tom Holland

Yes, Tom Holland as Nate herein plays the part of the fortune seeker, and he for sure has done his best to play the role. 

The entire Uncharted movie cast has made sure that they can do their best to move forward in the journey of adventure and show the world of deceit, crime, twists, and plots, altogether.

However, apart from it all, the one thing that remains stronger than the glue’s fix is the bond between Nathan and Sam. These brothers, even when not connected for years, have a bond that can make them do anything, especially from the end of Nathan, who did prove out to do his best while being on the journey to get back to his long-gone brother.

So, if you are looking forward to spending your day right and had in your head Uncharted, go ahead and read this Uncharted movie review and some other details about the movie, which will give you the satisfaction that the start you are about to make, will lead you towards a good 1 hour 56 minutes of time.

Uncharted Trailer

Uncharted Movie Trailer [Source: YouTube]

Uncharted Full Movie Storyline

The movie is all about adventure, action, and even crime. Even though the genre doesn’t suggest, don’t be fooled, as for we all know, stealing, and breaking-in, it’s all crime. Not just this, the Uncharted storyline is definitely one worth watch. 

Uncharted Movie Storyline
Uncharted Movie Storyline

Uncharted brings up the story of finding treasure, a story of a fortune seeker, who goes behind the gold-seeking a way to find his brother, who at an early age left him to avoid arrest, with a promise to come back. Nate waited for him. He wished every day to see his brother and to explore and learn and do more of what they always planned on.

He, however, had no clue about his whereabouts until Victor came into his life like a hope. It starts on a bit of an arrogant note but definitely ends up with the best partnership, which caused Victor to leave behind what he craved the most, the gold, the treasure. 

Along the way of the story moving ahead, there are varied characters introduced. They knew none to trust but the journey. They were trying to seek something which others did but didn’t have the right partner. Lucky for Victor, he got the same through Nate. 

Uncharted movie cast

Within this story, one can find many journeys moving in the same direction. It’s just that some were seeking fortune, some were seeking family, while some were just being a part of the journey, without actually knowing who they were going to trust at the end.

But who got it all? It is still a question for the viewers to discover; after all, this story is yours to watch, and to give an honest review is my job, and as per my review, you shouldn’t miss on to this one.

Just remember- “What’s lost can be found.” It is one of the dialogues that give out a lot of meaning, but in here, it was all about the treasure, the gold. So, all one needed was to move ahead, and try and do it all. 

Talking about the end, the end leaves us on a note where as a viewer, we would be tempted to know more. What is missing is an announcement to be made by the end of Sony Pictures. As of today, for the sequel of this movie, which seems definite considering the end of the story, no announcement has been made.

However, the hopes are high, and sooner or later, we will have a date and the answer to who Nate was being warned for and to, “Watch his Back.”

Uncharted Sequel- Official Announcement

Even though Tom Holland, in some of his interviews seen talking about a sequel to Uncharted, no official announcement has been made by the end of Sony Pictures in regards to the release of another movie within the franchise.

Uncharted ending explained

With the way Uncharted ending explained, it gives us a hint showing Sam alive, stuck in some prison cell, with a postcard in his hand addressed to Nate, asking him to watch his back, it seems to be quite obvious that the story doesn’t end here. There is a lot more to be revealed, and hopefully, we are going to see it all soon enough on the screens. 

We assure, with anything released or any announcement made by the end of the cast or Sony Pictures, we will update you with the release date or the happening of the Sequel, ASAP. Till then, enjoy the Uncharted full movie and watch Tom Holland uncover the gold that has been hidden for years.

Where can one watch Uncharted?

The Uncharted available on Netflix to watch. It is also available on Amazon Prime videos to rent the movie from. So, instead of waiting, why not go ahead and watch this amazing Uncharted Storyline and have an adventure of the fortune seeker, i.e., Tom Holland?

Uncharted- Feedback/Review

Uncharted movie review

A storyline is what attracts. Be it a video game or a movie, something that doesn’t lead us anywhere, none wish to spend time on. Talking about the Uncharted storyline, well, it does have a catching point. One can get intrigued and hitched to it with the story building up, and even when the action scenes are being called average by the viewers, in my personal opinion, give this movie a try. You will definitely not be bored.

Nate and Sam, the story of Uncharted, does build up on their relationship, as for their bond is what motivates Nate to take a step and get a chance to find his brother. From the start to the end, Nate stays true to the purpose, even when around him the people keep manipulating, twisting and turning facts, mislead and harm.

Uncharted movie review

The best was that on the way to it all, Nate knew how to adapt and to move ahead, after all, he was learning from the best, i.e., Victor in here. Not just this, it is he who was finally able to figure out a way to reach to the gold, but whether or not they found it, it is for you to watch.

The entire movie is a non-stop adventure where you feel like to have entered into the life of Nate and making moves ahead in the search for gold. One also gets to learn a few lessons in between, after all, the change seen in the life of Victor as he starts to care about the cat, he left home while leaving for the search, it was quite surprising.

It proves that with the right company, no matter who you are with and what you are working on, you do adapt to them and learn a bit. 

So, now the point is, will Nate be able to learn it all? or was he even in the right company? Or was he even the right company for the others who are trusting him, after all, he was shown as quite a pick-pocketer since the start?

Uncharted- Important Details | Casts

Uncharted Movie CastTom Holland (Nathan Drake), Mark Wahlberg (Victor Sullivan), Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali (Chloe Frazer), Tati Gabrielle (Jo Braddock), Steven Waddington, Pingi Moli, Tiernan Jones, Rudy Pankow, Jesus Evita, Georgia Goodman.
Uncharted storyline is based onUncharted 4: A Thief’s End
GenreAction, Adventure, US
WritersRafe Judkins (Screenplay), Art Marcum (Screenplay) and some others.
ProducerAvi Arad, Charles Roven, Alex Gartner, Ari Arad
Uncharted DirectorsRuben Fleischer
Production houseColumbia Pictures, Playstation, Production Atlas, Entertainment A2 Productions
Distributed bySony Pictures


Uncharted is one of the Hollywood movies which did do good business. It might not be as adventurous or action-filled as a Marvel movie, but it definitely is worth the time.

Uncharted available on Amazon Prime
Uncharted available on Amazon Prime

If you are planning to go ahead and watch the movie, Uncharted available on Amazon Prime. So, all you need is a Amazon Prime subscription now

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Do not worry; the investment would be one-time, and you will get unlimited access to the entire collection of movies present on the app for a month/6 month/year. The choice is yours.

As for we suggest, do not miss, especially for the video game lovers, go ahead and be a part of this amazing treasure hunt journey alongside the one and only Tom Holland.

Uncharted Movie FAQs

When is uncharted movie poster coming out?

Uncharted Poster

Sony released the first Uncharted exclusive movie poster on 15th December 2021.

Is Uncharted based on the game?

Yes, the Uncharted storyline is based on the game. Most of its parts are inspired by one of the recently released games of the franchise- Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Will there be a Uncharted 2 movie?

Uncharted ending explained

If you have watched it already, you know the answer to it. However, for the ones who haven’t, yes. Uncharted now is one of the franchises. However, a sequel to the Uncharted movie storyline has not yet been confirmed officially from the end of Sony, but considering how well the movie did worldwide even after the pandemic ($400 million), it is quite likely to see another movie within the franchise. Further, even Tom Holland discussed the sequel’s likelihood in some of his past interviews.

Is Uncharted a Marvel movie?

No. Uncharted isn’t a Marvel movie. However, it is being directed by the director of Venom, Ruben Fleischer, and it stars Tom Holland as the fortune seeker.

Is Sam alive in the Uncharted movie?

If you have watched the Uncharted full movie right, you can find in the post-credit scenes that Sam, Nathan’s brother, the face of whom has not yet been revealed, he isn’t deal. He was shown locked in some prison cell. This clearly means that he survived Sully mentioned shootout, and he will still continue to send the postcards to his brother, Nathan.

Who was the person at the end of Uncharted?

If the Uncharted ending explained, the movie shows an adventurer who was sitting within the tropical bar, and he was with the new character. The name of this character was Gage, and they were both seen discussing some sort of deal.

Gage, he represents Roman there, and he is a person who is familiar with the final entry of the video game series, and he definitely is one greedy and menacing man.

What did SAM’S NOTE say in Uncharted?

Uncharted ending explained

If you are watching the mid-credits, you will notice that therein was a man who is believed to be Haggard Sam, and he was writing the postcard to his brother Nathan. This postcard said, “Watch your Back.”

However, it is completely unclear as against who or what Sam is trying to warn Nate regarding. Also, one cannot ignore that he has been in jail since the time he got shot. Braddock did it, and now, he is alive. So, there is definitely a lot to worry about.

Is the Uncharted movie worth watching?

Uncharted movie review

If you are a lover of adventure and action, this is the movie for you. Some might call it average in terms of other adventure films as per the  Uncharted movie review but what we can guarantee is that you wouldn’t feel bored throughout it all.

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