12th August 2022, Anupama Today episode: Keep Up Hope As This Is What We Have Of Our Own

Anupama today episode revelation episode for truth. It brings out to us the happenings of accident day. 

Even Anupama arrives at ICU, Vanraj seems to be waking up, and everyone is shocked & happy.

Vanraj starts having flashbacks of what happened since he got into the car with Anuj until the talk they were having. 

Vanraj is seen expressing his desire to Anuj that he doesn’t wish his family to Kapadia’s ever again. 

Anuj, too agreed & talked about reduced visits. However, Vanraj interrupts to say it gotta be stopped. 

Kavya noticed Vanraj opening his eyes and started crying. Anupama asks Kavya to stay hopeful.

Doctor calls Anupama to say they have to do brain surgery on Anuj due to blood clots built up in his brain.

Anupama agrees to the risky surgery. Later, Vanraj wakes up and is visited by a doctor.

Adhik says Ankush, we gotta take the responsibility. Anupama hears it & looks hopefully towards the OT & this is where episode ends.