13th August 2022, Anupama Today episode: Pain Brings People Together.

Hard to see ongoing situation & with Anupama today episode starting, we find Vanraj finding hard to speak.

Everyone feels terrible seeing Vanraj; Leela and Hasmukh try to comfort him with words.

Anupama doesn’t feel well & Toshu tries to comfort her while Ankush inquires Adhik about Barkha.

Anupama listened to Anuj's sent voice note & found him in front of her in dreams. She says she loves him.

Little Anu comes to hospital with Pakhi to give her mother courage. Anupama is happy & she hugs them both.

Vanraj asks for Anupama. He leaves an open end to the conversation about the accident when she arrived.

Anupama assures Samar, his father isn’t to be blamed for the accident.

Barkha gets sarcastic on being questioned by Adhik and Ankush about her involvement in the accident.

Doctor said Anuj is stable. Hasmukh & Leela go home. Before leaving, Leela requests Anupama not to get Vanraj arrested.