16th August 2022, Anupama today episode: All’s well that ends well, but does it for all?

Since in hospital, Anupama tried stopping all from shouting & fighting, but they seem unaffected now.

Anupama today episode starts with Barkha sitting in the canteen blaming Vanraj all. She calls it a planned action.

Barkha wants to have a police investigation; after all, it was such a big incident.

Leela & Kavya try to stop Barkha from it & all this leads to a huge argument in the canteen.

Anupama enters the scene, sees all fighting & tries to stop them. But then Barkha blames her too.

Barkha says Anupama, she didn’t break ties with Vanraj as you still have a soft corner for him.

Seeing a question on her character, Anupama gets furious & stops Barkha. Anupama then receives a call about Anuj.

Anupama reaches ICU & the doctor tells her not to give him much stress. Soon, with effort, Anuj wakes up.

With Anuj recalling the incident from the cliff, he says Vanraj & the episode ends. So, for more, we must wait.