2022 Jordan Peele Nope Movie

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Nope movie, it is one of the American science fiction films of 2022 of the Horror genre. 

Jordan peel is the producer, director & writer of Nope. The movie is produced under Monkeypaw productions banner.

Starring Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yeun, Brandon Perea & Michael Wincott are Nope cast.

The announcement of the untitled directorial film was announced by the end of Peele in 2020 November.

The title was revealed in 2021 July, and the movie was filmed in the Northern county of Los Angeles.

Rumor says movie title is an acronym for, ‘Not Our Planet Earth’ or ‘Not Of Planet Earth’ based on the movie poster.

Peele revealed later that title definitely got the reaction that he was hoping to elicit from his audience.

Nope was premiered at TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles, on July 18th 2022 and released on 22nd July in the United States by Universal Pictures.

It was Nope movie marketing team who did the job on posters with movie cast members looking up to the sky & uttering the movie title.

Jordan Peele, an Oscar winner for movie ‘Get Out’ did a great job in Nope, too but was it good as before? People say, Nope!

2022 Jordan Peele Nope Movie Storyline, Cast, Digital Release Date Available