Ashton Kutcher appreciates Mila Kunis & her ‘sound logic’ regarding his trip to space.

He said she had sound logic & she convinced him to give up the ticket worth $200,000 for space travel.

Ashton Kutcher, a tech investor and actor, purchased Virgin Galactic ticket to space.

After the space trip made without Kutcher, with its ends, Kutcher gave an explanation. 

Kutcher said he got encouraged for rethinking about his decision by his wife, Kunis.

However, it seems now he has come on to terms with Kunis & her reasoning for not letting him go. 

Kutcher on Jimmy Kimmel live revealed to David Alan Grier his desire for travelling to the space.

He explained, “But then we had kids and [Mila’s] like, ‘Do you want to be on the first flight or the 50th flight?"

Looking back, Ashton admits Kunis's sound logic. However, Kunis regrets Kutcher giving up the ticket. 

With all regrets Kunis has seems like Ashton Kutcher might get another chance to be on the flight to space.