Would Never Work With the 4 Hollywood Stars- Brad Pitt Vows To Abide 

Brad Pitt is an Oscar award winner. He has a good and shit list that he made to never work with.

The revelation of the vow was made by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Pitt’s co-star in ‘Bullet Train’ with Variety.

Brad said he wishes to bring joy & light to the world & wishes to be around people who all can have a great time. 

Brad further said, when one starts to work with many actors, they start to make notes. 

Brad seems to love Sandra, the co-star on ‘Bullet Train’. He even made a cameo in ‘The Lost City’, her recent movie.

A possible list of Actors on the hate list of Brad has been prepared by dailymail.co.uk after revelation.

The possible stars' names on the hate list include Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford & Marion Cotillard.

All these stars have come together previously & Brad has also been rumored to have an affair with Marion. 

Brad Pitt finds it better to keep them away for further projects.