53-years-old Anne Heche In Coma- Expected Not To Survive The Blazing Car Crash Injuries.

Anne is one prominent Hollywood star of late 90s’ who played opposite Harrison Ford and Johnny Deep.

It was recently that Anne suffered ‘severe anoxic brain injury’ after crash landing up in a coma.

Anne's publicist said she chose to donate organs long back. She is on life support to determine any viable organs.

The statement thanked staff & nurses at Grossman Burn Center, West Hills Hospital, for taking Anne’s care.

Police is now investigating Heche to know if she was driving under drugs influence, causing the crash.

After getting a warrant, Heche's blood was taken for examination by detectives. Narcotics found in her system. 

Toxicity test rest awaited for identifying drugs & differentiating from medications Anne got at hospital. 

With Heche in a coma, her podcast on ‘Better Together’ moves around where she talked of bad days.

It's prayed for Heche’s family and friends to get through tough times soon to find “A Unique Day,” as said by her in her last podcast.