Cherie Gil is dead. San Lucero Confirmed The Devastating News. She passed away at 5:00 p.m. on 5th August. 

The news has been confirmed by Anabelle Rama, Cherie’s talent manager & Sid Lucero, Cherie’s nephew.

The cause of Cherie’s death is still not available.

Last February, Gil debuted her shaved head on a magazine cover. It marked for her as ‘rebirth’.

She revealed to Mega that she is focusing on spiritual, emotional & mental well-being as a priority.

Previously Gil has also revealed about her counseling & therapy sessions.

Evangeline Rose Gil Eigenmann, or Cherie, was one of the best actresses in the history of Philippine cinema.

Gil belongs to the Eigenmann family, a family of actors that is quite famous in the Philippines.

'Manila By Night' gave Cherie her biggest break. She is known for the masterpiece 'Oro, Plata, Mata'.

She won various awards for her memorable roles, and we hope a personality like her is always remembered for her work.