Copyright Lawsuit against Shake It Off Slammed Hard By Taylor Swift Statements that Butler and Hall trying to cash in on the song’s astronomical success.

The suit was filed by Sean Hall and Nate Butler who accused Taylor of stealing a hit song, ‘Shake It Off’ lyrics.

The song ‘Playas Gon Play’, a song by 3LW’s, has been originally written by Sean Hall and Nathan Butler.

The songwriters accused Swift of plagiarising the lyrics, but Taylor claims  ‘Shake It Off’ lyrics, her own.

Swift claimed that the song ‘Plays Gon’ Play’ released when she was 11 & she wasn’t allowed to watch ‘Total Request Live’ on MTV until 13.

Andrea, Taylor’s mother, filed an accompanying statement claiming to have kept a close watch on media Swift got exposed.

Swift claims lyrics of Shake It Off a part of her experience of public manipulation, negative personal criticism & clickbait reporting.

Previously the lawsuit made by Butler and Hall got dismissed in 2018 by the judge, stating that the lyrics ‘too banal” to be stolen.

The case was brought back up in 2019, where the judge cited that the song by Taylor had “enough objective similarities.”

Previously Taylor was accused of plagiarising the lyrics of ‘Haters Gonna Hate’, but it was dismissed.