Diego Bertie dies after falling from the top of a building on August 5: Firefighters confirmed the accident.

Mario Cassaretto, the fire commander, contacted ATV & made a confirmation about this news.

Bertie’s death was also confirmed with the arrival of a body at Casimiro Ulloa Hospital.

The said reason for his death is a tragic accident with him falling off the building's 14th floor.

Later his manager too confirmed the news and said, with more information, we will talk in detail.

Diego was a singer and actor. He was at Miraflores when the accident happened & took his life.

A confirmation has also been received from America Noticias about Diego Bertie’s death.

Diego’s manager, Carlos Sánchez de la Puente, was dismayed after the news & connected soon with America Television.

Carlos talked about cold symptoms, which made Diego cancel presentations & isolate himself at home

With such news making headlines, all we can wish is for Diego’s soul to rest in peace.