Ezra Miller Seeking Treatment for the “Complex Mental Health Issues” The Hollywood Reporter Tweet.

Ezra past troubling behaviour led to them facing felony burglary & harassment, with allegations of abuse & assault charges. 

In The Hollywood Reporter representative via sent statement, Miller confessed suffering from complex mental health issues & beginning treatment. 

Miller apologized all who got alarmed & upset with his past behaviour & assured his commitment.

This statement was made after one year when Miller became a controversial subject.

Miller has been previously arrested twice in Hawaii for disorderly conduct, harassment & assault.

An order of protection filed by parents of 18-year-old against Miller, saying the actor groomed kid at age 12. 

Denial made by the child for being coerced by the end of Miller through one of the Instagram posts.

The recent arrest of Miller was on 8th August for felony burglary conducted in Vermont.

Miller’s fate considering high-profile project of DC titled ‘The Flash’ in question. We hope Miller keeps up, or entire project will be shelved.