Fortnite Dragon Ball Crossover confirmed: 16.08.2022 is the Launch Date.

There have been rumours about this crossover for a long time. It is now we can say, “It’s Coming.”

A lot of clues & hints shared over time by leakers for potential collaboration of Dragon Ball & Fortnite.

Epic Games have released the teaser related to crossover.

The posted picture includes Shenron, the wish-granting dragon & caption says, "Speak. Name your wish…8.16.2022."

Dragon Ball isn’t specified by name in the image & caption, but it is undeniable to ignore the iconography. 

In the post, there was also the Toei Animation Copyright logo present.

Nothing revealed about the storyline/content of crossover by Epic Games. Leakers claim four skins & even Lord Beerus in the crossover.

Either way, it's not long. In a few days, i.e., on 16th August, one will be having the crossover indefinitely.

Even without confirmation, it's assured that it will lead fans in the direction of major events that would begin.