Gorillaz Collaboration With Bootie Brown & Tame Impala 

By: Faizan Ahmad

New Gold Debut By Gorillaz At All Points East Festival.

The song has been made in collaboration with Bootie Brown and Tame Impala.

On August 19th 2022, at the All Points East in London, Gorillaz played their debut song, ‘New Gold’. 

New Gold was introduced by Damon Albarn, Gorillaz’s frontman saying, “It’s kind of a mad song, to be honest with you.” 

New Gold

Can't wait to listen to

Bootie Brown & Tame Impala

Albarn welcomed Bootie Brown & Tame Impala, and this did get a roar from the crowd.

New Gold Track

Can't wait to listen to

New Gold is one trippy track that is an eclectic and exuberant journey considering how the songs of Gorillaz are often are. 

New Gold is regarded as more than often in greater degrees with varied collaborators.

It was in 2020 when plans for the Gorillaz movie were discussed by Albarn. 

Warner  Music

Gorillaz is well-known as an artist from Warner Music Group. 

The independent subsidiary of the Warner Music Group is known as Uproxx.

What's Next?

New Gold By Gorillaz