Ed Skrein starring ‘I Used To Be Famous’ a Netflix UK Movie First Look Released; Exclusive by Variety.

The director of movie is Eddie Sternberg, a debut & produced by Collie McCarthy for Netflix. 

‘I Used To Be Famous’ movie brings viewers 2 sides of the similar music world clashing with one another.

The trailer of I Used To Be Famous was released by Netflix on Monday. Variety presented first-look images. 

This movie is the first one from Netflix UK originals & will release in selected theatres in the UK.

The release date for theatres is September 9th & for Netflix, it is September 16th.

As per Sternberg, he wished to create a movie with the British Heart, and he did.

The movie is set in Peckham, which is well known to be one of the working class & culturally diverse neighbourhoods of South East London. 

The 2 principal characters are, Vince, a former lead singer of boy band & Stevie, an autistic teenager who is a gifted drummer.

Music is said to be essence of movie & perspective of it comes from interaction of Sternberg with boy & girl bands.

The filmmakers worked very closely with the National Autistic Society & Access All Areas. 

For production, Tricia Hitchcock from Areas All Areas’ was a creative coach for Long during production.

Hitchcock also was seen working along with the other cast members, especially Eleanor Matsuura & Ed Skrein.

Sternberg says the soundtrack is completely super diverse and that it all kind of fits.

With such an interesting explanation, definitely, the movie, when released on Netflix, will be a hit.