Jimmy Garoppolo allegedly ignored coaches after signing a lucrative contract in 2018.

A recent report on Jimmy Garoppolo makes it even more difficult for a team to justify taking a chance on Garoppolo.

A recent report seriously calls into question Jimmy Garoppolo's dedication to the cause during the offseason.

In 2018, an unidentified member of the team's coaching staff told Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle about Garoppolo.

According to Silver's report, Garoppolo's ghosting of the 49ers became a habit during the subsequent offseasons.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement specifies restrictions on football meetings and other programme.

Surely, players (such as high-paid quarterbacks) welcome the disruption to their quiet time.

Garoppolo appears to have simply taken advantage of the fact that the 2011 CBA provided players with significantly more offseason time.

Coaches still expect franchise quarterbacks to be all about the franchise all of the time.

Maybe the 49ers and Garoppolo will have a wink-nod agreement that, while they'll pay him $1.34 million in weekly game.

Garoppolo, on the other hand, was unwilling to honour the wink-nod

We'll find out in 15 days whether the 49ers are committed enough to give up a 53-man

We'll find out in 11 days whether they'd actually pay him to keep him from saying goodbye to San Francisco and hello to Seattle.