Mariah Carrey Registering ‘QUEEN OF XMAS'

Thursday, 18 August 2022

Opposition couldn’t stop Mariah Carrey from trademarking the moniker 'QUEEN OF XMAS'.

A lot of opposition faced by Mariah from famous singers like the legend named Darlene Love. 

Mariah reportedly filed with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office the legal documents for ‘Queen of Christmas’. 

Objections also came from singer Elizabeth Chan. She filed opposition to Mariah petition, claiming that none can “monopolize” ‘Christmas”.

XMAS song ‘Christmas (Please Come Home Baby)’ by Darlene Love got famous as believed & accepted. 

As of date, none other than Mariah petitioned for the title. However, it doesn’t indicate that she would get the same. 

Reference taken from Michael Jackson, who never attempted to register ‘King of Pop’ title & others who tried, failed. 

Jackson Estate registered the title after MJ's death.

Trademarks allowed some to register ‘Thanksgiving’ for wine line & ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ for fruit juices. So, it seems path is clear for Mariah Carrey.