Riverdale Season 6 release on Netflix US has been delayed. It's expected to be released soon to stream.

Riverdale's season availability on Netflix entirely depends on the country the viewers live in.

For some regions outside the US, the entire Riverdale 6th season has already been made available.

Riverdale, a show based on the Archie Comics, is one of the best performers for The CW & is doing well.

Season 5 of Riverdale was wrapped up in October 2021. There was a delay because of the pandemic.

Riverdale season 6 would be the penultimate season of Riverdale season 7, the final season of the show.

The episode count for the final season isn’t available, but the season is expected to be released in 2023.

Kiernan Shipka, on October 8th, confirmed reprising Sabrina Spellman as a tie-in in Riversdale Season 6.

As per the synopsis, the darkness doesn’t know the limit. Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead & Cheryl are busy facing uncertainty.

Netflix US gets an episode after a week of airing. So, to watch ahead hope US viewers get their delayed season soon.