Salman Rushdie attacked during a lecture in New York on 12th August.

Rushdie, an author known for his writing that, led him to receive, in the 1980s’, death threats in Iran. 

As per an Associated Press reporter, he witnessed a man storming at the stage, Chautauqua Institution. 

With him getting to stage, he started punching/stabbing Rushdie while he was getting introduced. 

It’s unclear if Rushdie, 75, got pushed or fell to the floor. Either way, the man got restrained.

As of now, Rushdie’s condition is unknown. After the attack, the place with 100s’ got evacuated.

Since 1988, ‘The Satanic Verses’ by Rushdie is banned in Iran & residing Muslims consider its content blasphemous. 

Iran’s late leader, Ayatollah, issued a fatwa & called for the death of Rushdie with a bounty of $3 million. 

Even when Iran's government is distanced now, the sentiment of anti-Rushdie still lingers. 

Rushdie has faced threats previously, but he dismissed them. However, now it's different & we hope Rushdie fast recovery.