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What If



The Marvel fans are totally excited about the new release on screen, What If. So if the Black widow and Loki from the Marvel universe haven’t satisfied you yet, then it’s time that you keep yourself prepared for Marvel What If. What is will be the first Marvel cinematic universe, an animated series with ten episodes per season taking off on Disney+ on August 11, 2021.

The series is based on a long-running Marvel comic book. What If will explore the event that plays out differently in the MCU. No doubt, just after the announcement of the series, the fans got excited about this new release. In fact, the trailer has received such a great response, but the question is, should you wait for the series? Check the details here.

What If trailer review

The trailer of the What If movie has revealed out of a world scenario for the MCU. Marvel is all set to flood Disney plus with amazing new content; one of them is What If. The Marvel universe has already planned numerous television shows for the streaming service. In fact, most of them are centered around the most popular characters from the movies. But What If is a departure from this format as it showcases what would happen if certain events played out differently.

For instance, in the first episode of the What If series, you will see Peggy carter taking on the Super Soldier Formula instead of Steve Rogers. Each of the ten episodes from the series will uncover a new adventure happening in the Marvel universe with the characters the fans know and love. Besides, it will also feature the voice of actors from the film like that of late Chadwick Boseman in his role as T’Challa.

The trailer feels like almost every MCU character is shown in a few seconds, and it is clear that the stories will be super exciting. Besides revealing the new look of the story with the feature of 10 episodes, the trailer also confirmed the What If release date to be August 11.

The What If trailer features several storylines that the audience got a hint of, like Peggy Carter’s plot. Also, it introduces a new concept that will make the jaw drops. After all, we saw Killmonger coming to rescue Tony stark during the Afghanistan attack from iron Man. Besides, another iconic avenger lineup here was during the battle of New York, as one can see several new faces from the Guardians Of the Galaxy.

The what If cast includes the popular character from the Marvel universe. Be it Loki or Iron man, everyone is there in the What If Marvel series. It will be one of the biggest Marvel films or series ones have seen in a long time. With all the characters coming back together, things will be super excited.

Just like the comic, the What If series will turn heads by imagining some creative scenario that wasn’t possible to showcase on a big screen. So it is presented through a series. You must know What If already has another season planned and is in operations. This means there will be more alternative timelines one can expect to see. Based on the trailer alone, it is clear that What If is going to take full advantage of the concept with beautiful animations and some surprises. So you must be super excited to see every story playing out in a different way than what has previously happened.

What If Cast

Cast Jeffrey Wright

Dominic Cooper

Hayley Atwell 

David Dastmalchian

Josh Brolin

Michael Douglas

Frank Grillo

Karen Gillan

Sean Gunn

Jeff Goldblum 

Tom Hiddleston 

Chris Hemsworth

Samuel L. Jackson

Toby Jones

Djimon Hounsou 

Natalie Portman 

Neal McDonough 

Michael B. Jordan 
Production Marvel Studios
Flying Bark Productions
Country Of Origin United States
Release Date August 11, 2021
Total Episodes 19
Genres Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy
Should You Watch? This Marvel series is definitely worth watching.
What If Cast

Key Takeaways

The storyline of this new upcoming What If Marvel series is somewhat based on the events that actually took place in the Marvel universe and the alternative versions of those situations. All of the major characters are expected to be a part of this amazing web series. What If follows a theme of the comic which explores alternative versions of the big moments from the history of Marvel. The trailer has already has raised the expectations of the audience. Everyone is so excited to see how the events will roll out.

As of now, the series seems to be quite interesting and comic. So one can expect a lot from this. So if you are a true Marvel fan, then it is definitely worth waiting for August 11 to enjoy this amazing web series from the Marvel universe that will take you on a ride to an alternative universe of the big events.

Written by Faizan

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