Wise Guys To Have Dual For Robert De Niro Role: Reported Now

Wise Guys To Have Dual For Robert De Niro Role; Wise Guys, a crime drama movie by Director Barry Levinson to have a dual role of Robert De Niro.

Wise Guys To Have Dual For Robert De Niro Role
Wise Guys To Have Dual For Robert De Niro Role

Director Barry Levinson’s Wise Guys To Have Dual For Robert De Niro Role

The newest movie by Robert De Niro, 73, has his dual role in Barry Levinson’s crime drama, ‘Wise Guys’. The news has been revealed by many outlets, including Variety, The Hollywood Report and Deadline.

The outlets have revealed that Wise Guys, a film by Warner Bros., will be featuring Robert De Niro in the role of Vito Genovese & Frank Costello, the warring rival crime bosses who are Italian American.

About the report of premise in part, it has been revealed by THR that “In 1957, Genovese attempted to assassinate Costello but failed, although he was wounded and decided to retire, as much as one can retire from the Mafia.”

Wise Guys- Important Information

Nicholas Pileggi is the screenplay writer of the movie. He was also the writer of Wiseguys, a book released in 1985. Even though the upcoming movie is unrelated, the book was a reference to the 1990 released movie named Goodfellas.

Wise Guys To Have Dual For Robert De Niro Role

With Wise Guys, one would also see the producer of Goodfellas, Irwin Winkler.

Robert and Barry Levinson, aged 80, had worked together before in the films like ‘Sleeper (1996)’, ‘What Just Happened (2008)’, and ‘Wag the Dog (1997)’. They last came together in the biopic of HBO television named ‘The Wizard of Lies’ that was released in 2017.

Robert De Niro, Barry Levinson & Billy Crystal

The news of this reunion of De Niro and Levinson, it came right after one month after the twice Oscar winner got along with the co-star of Analyze This and Analyze That, Billy Crystal.

These two actors, they caught up at the Nederlander Theatre of New York, wherein Crystal, aged 74, stars on Broadway in one of the musical adaptations of the 1992 comedy named ‘Mr. Saturday Night’.

As per the source, the two co-stars have embraced the scene, and Crystal joked and told De Niro that he didn’t think he would be up for the musical.

To it, De Niro replied, “I love musicals”. 

De Niro even praised the performance of Crystal, and they ended up laughing after he teased him, saying, “You sing! And you sounded good!”

De Niro, earlier in the year, also reunited for the celebration of the classic crime, ‘The Godfather’ 50th anniversary with Al Pacino.

De Niro is the co-founder of Tribeca Film festival that started in 2002.

In March, these legends, they came together for the film screening at the United Palace that was hosted by the 2002’s Di Niro co-founded Tribeca Film Festival for reviving the cultural scene of lower Manhattan in the 9/11 wake.

Pacino, along with Michal Hainey, the author, they participated in the discussion regarding the seminal mafia film that was directed by Francis Ford Coppola before the film restoration was screened.

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